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Ghost Pepper Salsa : Single Jar - (All Natural)(16 oz. Jar)

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Description of Product: This ghost pepper salsa brings the heat . It features fine chopped tomatoes & onions mixed with garlic, spices, and ghost peppers.

Ingredients: Diced tomatoes, onions, ghost peppers, lime juice, garlic, salt spices

Taste Notes & Texture: Fine chopped. Light. Very Spicy

ways to use ghost pepper salsa


1) BROILED DOUBLE TROUBLE TOMATOES: Core vine ripe tomatoes out, stuff with ghost pepper salsa & breadcrumbs, broil & serve

2) CRAZY HOT NACHOS: grab your favorite chips, smother with ghost pepper salsa & cheese

3) STEAK TACOS: Kick up taco night with this ghost pepper salsa

4) FISH: spicy seafood anyone / use this ghost pepper salsa as a topping for your favorite grilled fish. Add some asparagus as a bed for the fish.

***There are no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives in this product.