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Pineapple Bacon Salsa: Single Jar :- (All Natural)(17 oz. Jar)

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Description of Product: This Pineapple Bacon Salsa: This pineapple bacon salsa is both sweet & savory. A mix of sweet tropical pineapples ,savory bacon, and acidic tomatoes makes this incredibly unique. Get out some cream cheese and cover it with this for a nice party appetizer.

Taste Notes & Texture:Savory. Chunky. Salty. Sweet

ways to use poneapple bacon salsa


1) BAKED CHICKEN: bake a nice chicken breast or thigh with this pineapple bacon salsa so that it absorbs the flavor during the cook.

2) CHEESY SALSA: Make a cross between queso and salsa when you take this pineapple bacon salsa and mix it with half a block of Gouda cheese.

3) TURKEY SANDWICH PITA:get a pita bread slice it in half and stuff it with turkey, cheese, and this pineapple bacon salsa.

4) NAVY BEAN DIP: get a cast iron skillet and fill it with ready to eat navy beans and a jar of pineapple bacon salsa. heat and serve as a dip.

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