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Dilled Green Beans : Single Jar (All Natural)(16 oz. Jar)

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Description of Product: These Dilled Green Beans are an awesome & healthy snack food. The refreshing sprigs of dill and the crunchy snap of the pickled green bean pair well. It is good on crudités platters and in Bloody Mary Cocktails. Throw it in your salads for an extra texture and flavor profile. 

Ingredients: Green Beans, Water, Vinegar, Garlic, Salt, Jal. Peppers, Spices, Dill

Taste Notes & Texture: The sweet crunchiness is mixed with a slight tartness and refreshing notes of dill flavor.

ways to use pickled dilled green beans dilly beans


1) ENTREE ACCOMPANIMENT: As a bed for your favorite fish or chicken entrees.

2) GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE: Kick up your Green Bean Casserole by making them with these dilled green beans. It will add  anew twist to y our traditional recipe.

3) SALADS: Salads are perfect for these tasty little tangy treats

4) SIDE ITEM: Try them as a stand alone side item served with almond slivers