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Blackberry Jalapeno Jam : Single Jar (All Natural)(20 oz. Jar)

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Description of Product: This Blackberry-Jalapeño Jam has deep fruit flavor with a spicy kick.  Sweet blackberries are mashed together with spicy jalapeños, then sweetened with natural sugar  . Get out some cream cheese & crackers and top it with this Blackberry Jalapeño jam. 

Ingredients: Sugar, Blackberry Puree, Jalapeno Peppers, Lemon Juice, Pectin

Heat Level (1-10 on how spicy) : 5

Taste Notes & Texture:  The blackberry jalapeno jam starts off sweet for the first 5 seconds, then a slow & subtle heat starts to form on the center of the tongue for a few seconds more. The coolness of the Blackberry pairs well with the crisp spice of the jalapeno, as the heat level is not overpowering.ways to use blackberry jalapeno jam


1) Great with cream cheese and crackers as a party appetizer.

2) Glaze a pork loin or lamb chop. The last 5-10 minutes of your cook time add a dollop and glaze your entree with the blackberry jalapeno jam for a sweet, spicy, sticky finish.

3.) Mix it into adult beverage cocktails or non-alcoholic soda water spritzers.