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Apricot Preserves 3-Pack (20oz. jars)

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Description of Product: The sweet , fruity, and refreshing flavor of the apricot shines bright in this jam. A little hint of tartness plays well with the mellow sweetness the apricot possesses. These apricot preserves have a great textural consistency & a crisp finish on the palette.Ingredients: Apricots, Pure Cane Sugar,Pectin,Citric Acid  

Taste Notes & Texture: Thick & Chunky. Slight hints of tartness. Very Crisp.Apricot Preserves


1) Whether these Apricot Preserves are spread thick on rye toast & pumpkin breads, or, placed on a turkey & ham sandwich, they go great with breads and sandwiches.

2) Brie en Croute: Get pastry dough and roll it out. Grab either a large wheel or large portion of brie and place it in the center of the dough. Add 2-3 dollops of Apricot Preserves to the top of the brie, fold dough over cheese and preserves, and place in the oven to bake. The result will be a flaky outside, with savory melted cheese inside, and smothered among all that will be the apricot preserves.