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all natural fig jam 3 pack with graphic
ways to use all natural fig jam
all natural fig jam ingredients
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all natural fig jam 3 pack with graphic
all natural fig jam graphic

Fig Jam 3-Pack (All Natural) (20oz. jars)

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*You can also build your own custom 3-pack by changing option 2 & 3 to the Jams of your choice.

Description of Product: This Fig Jam is made with figs that are picked at the peak of the season offering a rich & thick textured Jam. It has a savory sweetness that pairs well with many foods whether breakfast,brunch or dinner. It makes for a great glaze on foods.

Ingredients: Figs, Sugar,Pectin,Lemon Juice

Taste Notes & Texture: The flavor profile of this Fig Jam is strong & sweet with a spiced savory essence. It is very thick and rich, highly viscous and decadent.

ways to use all natural fig jam


1) At Home Baking; Get to baking and include this fig jam in your baked cookies, tarts, cakes, and more.

2) Brunch & Breakfast: Get out a board of assorted toasts like rye, raisin, pumpernickel or banana breads and spread this jam on it.

3) Muddle it into your favorite adult cocktail or mocktail

4) Put it in yogurt for a nice little extra touch 

***There are no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives in this Jam.