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Gala Apple Preserves : Single Jar (All Natural)(16 oz. Jar)

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Description of Product: These Gala Apple Preserves bring "the crispness" to our line of country foods. This is chunky apple preserve, hearty in texture and flavor. The Gala Apple long known for its incredible flavor makes for a spectacular preserve.

You can use it as a glaze over chicken breast and pork chops; just place a spoonful or two on top of your meats the last few minutes of their cook-time to use it as a glaze.  The crisp apple flavor adds a lot to cheese platters when paired with salty crackers & savory cheeses. Try this one on a pressed turkey sandwich also. English muffins are just right for this thick preserve as well.

Ingredients: Gala Apples, Sugar, Pectin, Cinnamon Powder, Clove Powder

Taste Notes & Texture: Heavy Chunky Texture. Crisp Flavor. Savory & Sweet.

ways to use gala apple preserves


1) ENGLISH MUFFINS / TOASTS: traditional breakfast fare like toasts and muffins are perfect with this gala apple preserve.

2) BAKED STUFFED APPLE: Core, Stuff, & Bake a whole apple with these gala apple preserves as the main ingredient in a stuffing that contains preserves, walnuts, & raisins.

3) GLAZE MEATS: Ribs, Chicken, Fish...

4) MUDDLE IT UP: mix this gala apple preserve into your favorite adult beverage

***There are no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives in this product.