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all natural mango jam 3 pack with graphic
ways to use all natural mango jam
all natural mango jam
all natural mango jam ingredients
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all natural mango jam graphic

Mango Jam 3-Pack (All Natural) (20oz. jars)

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**You can customize your own 3-pack by changing options 2 & 3 to your choice.

Description of Product:This Mango Jam will make you feel like you are having breakfast on an island.  Tropical fruit notes make this Mango Jam light & sweet. Try coating your chicken & fish with this as a a glaze.

Ingredients: mangoes, sugar, lemon juice, pectin

Taste Notes & Texture: Chunky. Tropically Sweet .

ways to use all natural mango jam


1) DESSERTS: give that tart or cake an extra layer with this mango jam.

2) PARFAITS: parfaits are a perfect pairing for this mango jam.

3) MEATBALLS: glaze your meatballs with this chunky mango jam.

4) COCKTAILS: Muddle this into your favorite cocktail.

***There are no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives in this product.