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Spiced Pickled Peaches: Single Jar :- (All Natural)(16 oz. Jar)

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Description of Product: These Spiced Pickled Peaches have the essence of fall. Cinnamon sticks are nestled among large pickled peach halves in this spiced filled mason jar. You can use these spiced peaches when baking goods like tarts and toasts, or , put it with vanilla ice cream as well for dessert uses. These spiced peaches are great sliced into salads. The cinnamon really imparts a depth of flavor that is quite unique. 

Ingredients: peaches, pure cane sugar, vinegar, water, cinnamon stick & spices

Taste & Texture: sweet with hints of savory from the cinnamon, extra large chunks of peach halves.

ways to use spiced peaches


1) Spiced peaches are great in fruit bowls.

2) Try using these spiced peaches for with a hot skillet and candied pecans & ice cream.

3) Use these spiced peaches with honey.

4) Add these spiced peaches to your next pork dish for a great accompaniment.